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Q: What care options are available?

A: Gem Village offers assisted living (over 30 days), respite care (14 hours-30 days), and adult day care (up to 14 hours per day).

Q: What procedures do you have in place to ensure my safety?

A. We develop a personalized care plan for each resident that addresses risks and concerns. We have our buildings staffed 24/7 in order to better monitor our residents, secured environments to prevent wandering and our facility is located on a low-traffic street.

Q: Can Gem Village help if my mom or dad has experienced falls in the past?

A: We have a fall prevention program that can help reduce and may even eliminate falls completely.

Q: Do you have a medication management program?

A: Yes, Gem Village has a medication management program. Residents may choose their own pharmacy or use Gem Village’s preferred pharmacy provider. Our preferred pharmacy provider is Heartland Pharmacy which is located in Southeast Idaho and specializes in long term care. If a resident prefers to use an alternate pharmacy, the resident and pharmacy must comply with certain requirements, such as same day delivery and bubble packing.

Q: Do you offer rehabilitation or skilled nursing?

A: We are not licensed as a skilled nursing or rehab center but we are still able to provide many types of therapies and nursing services. Please check with us to determine if we may be an appropriate fit for your loved one.

Q: How is my level of care determined?

A: Upon move-in, our administration in accordance with our house managers will assess your current health and review your medical history to see how we can best meet your needs. We will also discuss your preferences as well as your normal routines to develop a customized care plan.  The care plan will then be updated on a regular basis to meet your evolving needs.

Q: What is your staff to resident ratio?

A: Our staffing ratio is variable and adjusted constantly based on the number of residents and their needs. We have four small buildings that are only licensed for 14 residents and always have at least one staff member on duty at all times but typically have at least a second team member available.

Q: Can you help to provide a doctor?

A: Residents may keep their current physicians or we can help them find physicians near the community. We do have doctors that are willing to come in to our facility in order to keep from having to have your loved ones spend hours waiting in waiting rooms. Let us know if you would like a list of doctors willing to come into our facility. We can also provide scheduled transportation for our residents who need a ride to a doctor’s appointment.

Q: Do you offer 24-hour nursing?

A: Our registered Nurse is on-call 24-hours a day and is in our facility frequently.

Q: How much does senior living cost?

A: The cost to live at Gem Village is based on each resident’s care plan and room rental fees, which vary by room. Our room rates start at $1700 a month and go up from there depending on the room and level of care necessary.

Q: What is included in the costs?

A: Our base rate in assisted living includes three meals a day, three snacks a day, telephone, cable, internet, activities, and numerous other amenities.

Q: What financial options are available to make senior care more affordable?

A: Long-Term Insurance, Medicaid, and the VA often cover part or all of the costs for assisted living care.

Q: If I don’t make enough money to live in assisted living but I make too much for Medicaid what can I do?

A: There are options for those that fall into this category. Contact us today to find out more.

Q: How do I arrange a visit?

A: To arrange a tour of our facility call us at 208-785-9920. You can also submit your information on our website by clicking here. We will contact you to set up a tour. During your visit, we’ll talk to you about your personal circumstances and how we can meet your individual needs. If we cannot meet your needs for any reason we pride ourselves in trying to assist everyone that comes through our door and will recommend other facilities or programs that may fit your needs.

Q: What types of activities do you offer?

A: Our activity program is designed to increase our resident’s cognitive and physical abilities. Our goal is to keep our seniors physically active and mentally alert with exercises, monthly dances and hand-eye coordination activities. We cater the activity to the resident’s physical and mental capabilities. Per example if the resident is in a wheel chair or has dementia or has any other limitations then we will adapt the activity so they can participate. Residents are not required to to participate in every activity, we will always respect their privacy and their decision to remain in their room. However participating in the activities can build friendships and provide a lot of fun for our residents.  There is a reason why they say “laughter is the best medicine.”

Additionally, we regularly plan fun and engaging activities outside of the facility, such as a trip to Jensen Grove for a barbeque, the Eastern Idaho State Fair and other fun community events.

Q: Can residents request events or activities?

A: Yes! We hold monthly resident council meetings, where we ask our residents what activities they would like to see in the future so we can keep them engaged.

Q: What is the minimum age of residents in assisted living?

A: We generally allow residents 50 and over in our facility, with the average age in the 80’s.

Q: How does the dining program work?

A: We serve three meals as well as three snacks daily prepared by our chef to ensure that our residents are getting fresh, high quality food.

Q: What if my diet calls for gluten-free food or I’m a diabetic?

A: Our chef can cater the meal to meet almost all reasonable dietary restrictions at no extra cost.

Q: Will I have access to transportation services for doctors’ visits, activities they participate in outside the community?

A: Yes, transportation to and from activities and outings are included. We schedule outings to Walmart and local stores if needed. We also provide local transportation for doctors’ visits for an additional fee.

Q: Are there restrictions on visiting hours?

A: As this is our residents’ home, we welcome visitors and work with our family and friends to visit their loved ones at a time that works best for them. We do ask that between the hours of 9PM and 7AM that you respect the residents that may be sleeping.

Q: Do you allow pets? Can I bring my dog or cat with me?

A: Yes we do allow pets in some of our buildings. There is an additional $300 pet deposit as well as a $25 monthly pet fee. Pets must be kept on a leash when out of their room and can not be a disturbance to other residents.

Q: How quickly can you help?

A: We work with each family to support their needs as best we can, including accommodating urgent move-ins whenever possible. Residents receive a full care assessment prior to moving in, which helps us develop their care plan. In some cases, a move-in can occur in as little as a few hours. The biggest hurdle we often face with emergency move ins is getting the History and Physical and signed med lists from the doctor.

Q: Can I bring my own furniture?

A: Yes, you are welcome to bring your own furniture.

Q: Can Gem Village provide me with furniture?

A: Yes, there are furnishings available at an additional cost, should you choose not to bring your own furniture.

Q: Do we have to sign a long-term lease for the apartment?

A: No. Our assisted living do not require long-term lease commitments. However we require a deposit/move-in fee upon signing the admission agreement. We also require 30 days written notice prior to moving out of the community.

Q: Do you offer any short-term stays?

A: Yes, we do offer short-term stays also known as respite care. Respite care is for 14 hours a day for 30 days. This can be a convenient option when planned or unforeseen circumstances happen. Guests can also receive assistance during an illness or rehabilitation after a hospital visit.

Q: Can we move in as a couple?

A: At Gem Village, couples can live together in their own suite. Alternatively, suites can be shared by friends or companions.

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